Could OpenAI Hit Youtubes Bottom Line

Futuristic Robto. OpenAI chat bot has potential to disrupt the How-To video market and hurt Youtube views and income

The world of computers has changed drastically over the years, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in how we interact with them. AI Chat tools have been developed for many applications, but another major benefit of tools like OpenAI is that they can easily provide instructions on how to do tasks.

AI chat programs can also provide instructions on how to do certain tasks. By entering a query into a chatbot, users can receive step-by-step instructions on how to perform a particular task, without having to search through video tutorials or try to figure it out on their own. This could have a significant impact on Youtube, as users may no longer need to visit a video hosting site to get instructions on how to do something.

OpenAI How-To Example

Prompt: How to Cook Chicken Breast on a Stove

  1. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Add a tablespoon of oil to the pan and let it heat up.
  3. Place the chicken breasts in the skillet and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Cook the chicken for about 5 minutes, flipping once halfway through the cooking time.
  5. Once the chicken is cooked through, remove it from the skillet and let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

Furthermore, AI chat programs can be used to provide instructions on how to do tasks in a more interactive way. For example, the chatbot can provide users with ideas and suggestions based on their input, allowing users to come up with solutions to their problems quickly and easily. This could help users become more comfortable with technology and reduce their reliance on videos for instructions.

In conclusion, AI chat tools can provide users with instructions on how to do tasks, saving time and money by eliminating the need to search through videos or try to figure it out on their own. This could have a significant impact on Youtube, as many users may turn to chatbots instead of watching video tutorials. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the future of Youtube, as well as other video-hosting sites.