Classified Documents Could Bring Down Biden

Drawing of President biden smiling after classified documents found at his home and former office.

The discovery of classified documents at President Biden’s Delaware home and office at the University of Penn center in Washington DC puts him in a bad political situation. This may just be the nail in the coffin for the current President.

The President has called Donald Trump irresponsible when he saw the FBI released photos of classified documents spread on the ground by the agents at the Trump residence in Mar-a-Lago. He now has a lot of explaining to do now that it has been revealed that classified documents were stored in his garage, as well as his former office.

What makes it worse is that President Biden was only the Vice President at the time that these classified documents were taken to his private locations. This means he can’t claim that he declassified any of the documents as the Vice President has no authority to declassify files.

When former President Donald Trump had classified documents found, Biden said on 60 Minutes “How that could possibly happen,¬†how anyone could be that irresponsible.” This quote now is being used against the current President and while the two circumstances are different, there is no way one could be charged without the other being charged.

Conservatives have asked why all of President Biden’s homes and offices haven’t been raided like the former Presidents. And while they are different circumstances it is interesting that the FBI hasn’t searched all the possible locations where classified documents could be. Using his own words, Biden has acted irresponsibly, and to expect him to act responsibly to find and return all documents would be naive. Trying to claim that his lawyers have the government’s best interest would also be a poor argument as attorneys are always first going to protect their clients.