You are currently viewing BBC Weather: Britons face severe yellow fog warning as freezing temperatures plunge to -4 – Express

BBC Weather: Britons face severe yellow fog warning as freezing temperatures plunge to -4 – Express

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The Met Office has issued a severe yellow weather warning for fog for southern England as the BBC‘s Matt Taylor warns of freezing temperatures. The high pressure and low winds fueling the dense fog have also been blamed for trapping pollution in and around London leading to concerns over air quality. 
Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: Massive contrasts across the UK this morning 10 degrees of very mild starts in the north of Scotland coldest at to the moments around Brecon and Banbury areas minus four. widespread frost across Midlands, Southern England, and also Wales.
“Also here we’re going to contend with some fog around this morning, particularly across parts from the Bristol Channel through in towards the Midlands.
“One thing I should also mention with the high pressure in place, very light winds, very poor air quality, high pollution levels in the London area.
“But lots of low clouds towards northwest England, across parts of Northern Ireland, southwest Scotland and the cloud in northern Scotland is quite mild here but there is some splashes of rain particularly Caithness, Sutherland, and into the Murray Firth. 
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Matt Taylor takes BBC Breakfast through the latest weather maps
BBC Weather: Freezing temperatures and fog forecast for UK
He continued: “But just south of that we will continue to see some sunshine across some eastern parts of Scotland through the day sunshine in northern England.
“The fog elsewhere will lift and clear and it’s going to be another afternoon of lots of sunshine across the southern half of the country but staying pretty chilly, especially where the fog lingers the longest.
“Temperatures sticking around 7 degrees for some in the north of Scotland.
“Contrasts that little bit through tonight greater chances for some mist and fog in some eastern areas.
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“Maybe temperatures dropping more across the north where we see clear skies develop to take us into tomorrow morning,” added Mr Taylor.
“But there’ll be some frost around some fog patches across England and Wales once again to start your weekend.
“But the weekend sticking with a prolonged dry story there is a chance of some splashes of rain for a time later Saturday and into Sunday morning.
“But most places said we’ll stay dry and getting a little bit milder.”
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Meanwhile, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog across a large swathe of south-West England
“Fog patches will form during the evening and then become more widespread overnight – perhaps leading to some travel disruption,” according to the Met Office.
Britons have been told to expect slower journey times with delays to bus and train services possible.
The Met Office has also advised there is a chance of delays or cancellations to flights due to poor visibility. 
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